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Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work to create a space you'll thrive in! 

I will be there with you as we work together through this life-changing process. You'll be glad when it's done and begin to reap the rewards of decluttering and organizing.

Moving Assist

Moving to a new place? No worries! I can help to declutter before packing, box up your things and prepare you for the move. Once at your new pad, I'll be there to help you unpack & settle into your place


Note: Vital does not offer professional moving services, but offer services to help with packing and unpacking (once boxes arrive at your new home).


Useful service for those who are looking to reduce the amounts of things they own to simplify their living situation. Enjoy a safer, less cluttered and relaxing space by process of reduction.

Downsizing is a great option for senior citizens, students heading off to college, and those wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle. 


Cost: $80/Hour, or Agreement-Based

Consultation: Free 

Customer needs are all different.  The size and scope of every home and the complexities of their home organizing needs differ. Some projects are simple, whereas other require extended amounts of time and attention to complete. Vital Organizing customizes every project to the needs of the client and allocates ample time to prevent rushing. Clients have the option of payment on an hourly basis, or an agreement based fee where we can assure that the job is complete, and most importantly done with care without feeling rushed. 

The Fine Print

  • Additional fees will apply for services outside the greater Los Angeles and Orange County (California) areas. The fees will cover travel time, transportation(fuel costs), travel costs(flight), lodging(hotel) and or any additional expenses(food, supplies) during the duration of the service. 

  • Any additional required external service costs will be covered by the customer. Example: Dumpster Rental (plus city permits, if necessary), Pod Storage (temporary mobile storage unit), Off-Site Storage, Moving Services(for oversized/heavy item moving), Handy person hired for larger assembly projects, etc. 

  • Organizing supplies (including shipping and delivery fees) will be the responsibility of the client. For any items purchased by the organizer will be reimbursed by the client when receipt provided. Amount will be added to the final invoice.   

  • We have the right to refuse service to clients .  

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