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The decluttering & organizing process doesn't happen at a snap of a finger. Understanding what your organizing goals are, having realistic expectations, and creating a game plan prior to starting will be keys to success. It's also going to take some effort on your part to get it done. Yes, I will do most of the heavy lifting, but you will need to make some tough decisions on what to keep and what you can part with. Through the decluttering and organizing processes, you will gain control of your living space(and your life), have a better relationship with the things you own, and experience other life-long benefits. Let's work together to create a space that you'll love living in!

 Organizing Consulting


This is the pre-organizing stage where we'll get to know each other. Observations and evaluation to  your space will be made, understanding what your organizational needs & expectations are, and to determine how much time will be needed to complete the task. 

At the end of the session I can provide you with an estimated project timeline, cost and we can begin to schedule a start date.

duration: 1-2 hours



Let's work together do determine what items to keep, what is trash and what can be donated.

Decluttering is the toughest part of the organizing process. First, it's an emotional process of letting go of possessions. Multitude of reasons of why you have a hard time letting go will be present. Emotional, financial and "I can use it someday" are the more common reasons.   

Secondly, your space will be messy before it's organized. Everything will be pulled from closets, shelving,  and drawers and will need to be dealt with. For most, seeing the sheer amount of things they need to work on is the most overwhelming part. The process is meant to shock you, to put in perspective the amount of things you own. It's the necessary step to make organizing a success.  Next,  

I'm going to be there to support you till the end.



I will take care of donation drops, trash and hazardous waste (chemicals, home cleaners, oil, toxic products, etc.).

Donations will be dropped off at a local donation drop-off centers who would benefit from the things you no longer need. Toxic & e-waste products will be taken to proper disposal centers. Trash will be disposed in your trash bins, or we may suggest our client to rent a trash bin (for larger projects). 

Well Organized Closet


This is the fun part!


After decluttering and removing the all of the items you parted with, we can finally develop an organizing system that works best for your lifestyle. At this step decisions will be made about which organizing supplies to use, placement of things, and a bit of coaching during the process. 

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