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Vital Organizing is back!

First off, welcome to my blog. This is where I'll be posting my thoughts related to world of #homeorganizing, #minimalism, #tidying and a whole bunch of topics related to #organizing. Please check back from time to time to catch up with what I have to say.

Secondly, I will be officially starting up my organizing business after many months of back and forth on my future endeavors. The events of this past year (2022) gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I'm truly passionate about in terms of career. I had a chance to take a last dip in my past career in the culinary world and to confirm that home organizing is what I have the most passion for. Helping people directly to take control of their homes gets me excited to wake up every morning! Providing clients the chance to take control of their finances and other areas of their lives through organizing is fulfilling.

In addition to confirming that organizing is my life long drive in life, I reflected on changes to my approach to organizing. In the past, I would essentially organize without questioning much about the items we keep in our homes. Put the items in containers, out of sight and out of mind. That was how I felt I was operating my business. This was the wrong approach all along! Never did I think that random stuff robs money, time, mind space, etc. My time away from organizing allowed be to reflect how to change my approach to dealing with clutter. This time around I will be taking a more of a minimalist and a "less is more" approach to how I deal with "things", questioning every items that either stays or is purchased. Ultimately, without being able to be critical of the things you own, it's super easy to justify keeping stuff and to purchase new things impulsively.

This a new me, with a new perspective, ready to help anyone wanting the change to live a more fulfilling life with less, but better things.

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