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The (not so) Secret to an Uncluttered Space

The problem that most my clients deal with is clutter. They often ask why they've accumulate so much. Clutter is the main source of why people have such a difficult time organizing their living spaces. It often leads to frustrations in the forms of lack of storage space, managing their possessions, and in some cases financial problems.

What's the primary reason why people struggle with clutter? It's no secret. To say it bluntly, it's purchasing without second thinking it. It's an accumulation of stuff (AKA "Crap") purchased on impulse. It's undeniable that humans buy impulsively on everything and anything. Amazon, eBay, fast fashion establishments, and endless number of physical & online stores contribute to the overconsumption problem. Constant impulse purchases lead to an accumulation of things that eventually take over your living space, consumes our mental space and even causes financial debt. Homes begins to look untidy, managing it seems impossible, and you become less appreciative for your things you own.

Now, imagine you're standing in a discount store like Ross, TJ Maxx, or Mashalls (similar to the one pictured above). What traits do all of these stores have? They have racks among racks, and shelves overflowing with random, meaningless and cheap clothes, tacky accessories and knick-knacks of every kind. Customers often treat these products in a very poor way, often tossing unwanted items back or leaving them on the floor. Due to the packed clothing rack, you'll find customers leaving the merchandise in places other than back on the rack. Clutter is often the idea conjured up when I think of discount stores. Imagine now that you strip away all of the meaningless merchandise from the store, but only keeping the select items that you actually love, or will find use for. Well, doesn't that kind of sound like a boutique store? A well-curated, focused and organized store selling higher-quality merchandise. It's easier to navigate, to manage, and products exude quality. Customers carefully handle these products because the displays are neat, it's easier to place back on racks (or display shelves), and the products appear quality. We can use this boutique store example and use it to change our buying habits and curate a better living environment. By doing this, we can become more mindful of the things we bring into our space, manage it easier, and prevent clutter from happening. Do you want to live in a discount store inspired space, or a carefully curated boutique store? My choice is obvious!

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