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Over the past 10 years I have had the pleasure to help many clients get their living spaces organized, and in some sense, gain control of their lives. My passion is helping clients realize a better life through the process of decluttering & organizing while promoting a ”less but better” approach to possession ownership. As long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with maintaining a tidy space, cleaning, living a simplified lifestyle and decorating my space with only the important things I own. It was natural that my obsession led me to a career of helping people get their living spaces in shape.     

My organizing journey first began when a friend contacted me to help make sense of the stuff she owned. It was clear that she was overwhelmed by the quantity of personal possessions she owned and disorganization.  It was apparent that it was taking a toll on her emotionally, physically, and was even affecting her work performance. She asked if I could help “purge” through her personal possessions and to help make sense of her living space. Through the process of decluttering and organizing, we were able to significantly downsize her possessions, dealing with unchecked clothing, paperwork, work related items and random stuff. My first organizing experience wasn’t perfect, but hey, it was my first ever organizing job ever. In addition to getting her living and workspace in tip-top shape, as a byproduct of the organizing process, she was able to become more mindful of spending, created mental clarity and even helped with improvements in her health.

After that first organizing experience, it was apparent that I could make a positive impact on peoples lives by simply doing something that came naturally to me (and something that I am immensely passionate about). Over the past 10 plus years, I have helped many clients realize the benefits of decluttering and organizing. My purpose in this world is to continue to help people realize the importance of decluttering/organizing, and to help them to live a more fulfilling life by being mindful about the items we keep (and bring) in our homes. Privacy, honesty, compassion, hard work and non-judgement is 100% honored and are the foundations of Vital Organizing.

Let me help you to realize a better life through decluttering and organizing.


Tim Adachi Organizing/Decluttering Consultant

The habit of overconsumption and endless accumulation of mindless consumer goods has been normalized by society. This way of thinking has lead to homes brimming with meaningless junk, limiting the space to actually experience life. A home packed with random stuff leads to stress, both physically and financially. It prevents us from feeling passionate, stunts creativity and inspiration. Those excess things get in the way of truly living life and prevents us from appreciating what we own. By removing the things that get in the way of life, focusing instead on what we love, we then begin to see the value in the things we own. It also has the power to make us want to improve on other areas of our lives; love, mental & physical health, creativity, financial, etc...

Vital Organizing is here to help clients to declutter, organize and gain a more fulfilling life with less. Our approach to organizing is to help our clients declutter the things that get in the way of life so that they can create a refreshed space that excites, inspires and energizes. My passion is guiding clients to realize a better life through the process of decluttering & organizing, while promoting a ”less but better” approach to spending.  

I have over 10 years of organizing experience, helping many customers with varying organizing needs to realize a better life through decluttering & organizing. Whether it's just one room, or an entire home, no task is too small nor too big. As an organizer, I always bring positive energy and a "lets get it done" attitude to each project. Making a positive impact on peoples lives keep me motivated and inspires me to keep going. 

Privacy, honesty, compassion, non-judgement and working hard for clients is honored and are the foundations on which Vital Organizing is built.​ Let me help inspire you to begin to live a better life in a clean and uncluttered space.


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