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Vital Organizing: Something everybody needs. Home and office organizing based in Washington, D.C. Economical, customized, small space solutions and one-on-one organization services.

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Vital Organizing’s Organizer-in-Chief, Emily Hemphill, is a person who wears many hats. When she's not organizing, she's working as a mediator and lawyer.  She therefore appreciates the demands on busy professionals and takes pride in crafting tailored solutions to help them be more organized and efficient in their home and work lives. Emily is a big believer in the effective Konmari Method, based on the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and has helped dozens of clients Konmari their way to more joyful homes. She has been quoted in the Washington Post. 


Associate Organizer, Emily Jordan, may be new to the D.C. area, but she is not new to organizing!  She previously worked with an established company in Charlotte, N.C., with whom she was on A&E's TV show "Hoarders."  Previously a teacher for children with special needs, Emily J. is now an office manager at a national non-profit. She loves to create structured systems to help her coworkers succeed, and believes that organization is a purposeful and empowering way for everyone to attain a feeling of freedom.

National Association of Professional Organizers

Emily H. is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Vital Organizing is a licensed, insured business based in Washington, D.C.  

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History & Reviews

Emily H. started out helping family and friends to become more organized, but on a whim started marketing her services in 2014 through Task Rabbit and eventually independently as an LLC.  Since then, she has built an enthusiastic client base.  Check out our reviews on Yelp.  

Here are a few reviews from the Task Rabbit days - Emily had a 100% rating from over 100 tasks:

  • Emily was simply fantastic! She unpacked and organized my kitchen beautifully and logically. It has been incredibly easy for me to maintain her organization, and she organized it in such a user-friendly fashion that I haven't even been tempted to change any part of the organization. In addition, she was on-time, friendly and provided me with helpful ideas of small changes I could make to better organize my kitchen and closet. Susan E., August 05, 2015
  • Emily was fantastic. She was very communicative prior to our appointment and showed up right on time. We did not waste a minute once she arrived. We transformed a room that I couldn't enter previously (due to stuff overflow) and got everything clear and nicely organized everything that remained. I'd highly recommend Emily!  Erin B., August 02, 2015
  • Emily was fantastic from start to finish! She arranged for us to talk ahead of time to discuss my needs, she arrived on time, came with supplies, surveyed my project, offered a plan of attack, asked what my budget/max hours were, and even sent a follow up email with suggestions with additional organizing tips for the space. I LOVE what she did to organize my mud room. I will definitely hire her again! Kim S., October 06, 2014
  • Emily was simply phenomenal. She treated our place with utmost respect. She is considerate and works great with/around kids. We are happy with how organized our apartment is now. We did not realize how much wasted space we had. She also made sure everything was clear so the place can stay neat and organized going forward. Thank you! Hamza K., August 18, 2014

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