Vital Organizing

(Something everybody needs.)

Vital Organizing: Something everybody needs. Home and office organizing based in Washington, D.C. Economical, customized, small space solutions and one-on-one organization services.

Our organizing services take on all manner of trouble areas – from sorting closets to streamlining entryways, optimizing kitchens and creating order in offices. We can guide you through Konmari'ing your home or office, or choose another style more suited to your preferences. Whatever your challenge, Vital Organizing will come in to help you declutter, re-envision your space, and create useful small space storage solutions. We help with moves, too!

Want to know more about how we operate? Check out this blog post. Want to see some results? Well - we respect client confidentiality and, as a result, don't take too many photos - but, for a few before and after examples of our work, please click here.


Our standard rate is $80 per hour - but we are pleased to offer several standard discounted plans as well as discounted rates for repeat clients. Organizing is an investment, so we do our best to make the most of your time and money by building a consult into our initial visit and getting straight to work.  


We are pleased to offer a few packages with discounted pricing.


Let’s Do This Starter Plan: 4 hours organizing in your home or office. We start with a walk through review of areas of concern in your home, then dive right into completely organizing a zone. Where needed, we will follow up by emailing you a customized organization plan that we can continue to tackle together or that will provide you with a plan of attack for organizing on your own. Four Hours. Cost: $280

Downsizing Dilemmas: Whether moving post-retirement or moving into the city, downsizing your living area presents unique organizing challenges.  With this four hour package, we will figure out where your storage sticking points are, find immediate solutions to the most pressing challenges, and detail some longer term options like consignment sales and storage units. A written organizing plan will be provided when needed. Four hours. Cost: $280 

Paperwork Wrangling: Start with a discussion of paper and email management, then set up a filing system and sort through a backlog of papers. Two hours.  Cost: $140

Virtual Session: Whether you need a plan for organizing, relocating, or creating small space storage solutions, we can meet with you via Skype or FaceTime.  30-60 minutes.  Cost: $50.

The Simple Stuff: Have a simple job that doesn't fit into these categories? Contact me - we will put together a plan that fits your job.

FYI - We accept payments at the end of each session via credit card, check, or cash, and can also accept paypal and venmo. We do gift cards, too!