Vital Organizing

(Something everybody needs.)

Vital Organizing: Something everybody needs. Home and office organizing based in Washington, D.C. Economical, customized, small space solutions and one-on-one organization services.

We recommend the Konmari method of organizing your home - first, purge by category, then organize the remainder.  If you're ready to dive into the Konmari way, print out our Konmari checklist.  

If you want to work through a particular area, here is a worksheet you can customize to your needs.  Email to yourself for printing.

First, develop a helpful mindset: When I envision a dream home, here are the descriptors floating around.
Try thinking of things you've searched for on pinterest...
Or which one are you planning to start with?
What's in this area?
If this area has a category that is stored somewhere else, too, (for example - coats in multiple closets), go through them at the same time.
Ask yourself two questions? Do I love this thing? Does it fit me, is it useful, or do I need it until I can afford to upgrade it? If yes, keep it. If no, ask yourself if it is something you really need to keep, like tax documents.