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Vital Organizing: Something everybody needs. Home and office organizing based in Washington, D.C. Economical, customized, small space solutions and one-on-one organization services.

How we operate, or what to expect when you're expecting professional organizers

First time clients often wonder how we operate and what they can expect from an organizing session.  

Let me explain our process:

  • First contact: We love hearing from you! Fill out our online contact form, email us, call us, 'gram us... just reach out and let us know how we can help you.  If it all sounds good, we will find a time to meet at your location for a first session of approximately 3-4 hours and send you an email with service agreement to confirm.
  • Before your first session: Don't pre-tidy! It is human nature to want to clean up before company comes over, but trust us - we want to see everything in its natural state! This helps us see how things really are so we can craft actual practical solutions.
  • First session: Your organizer (or organizing team if suitable for your situation) will meet you at your location at the pre-arranged time.  You will walk us through your space so we can have an overall picture of what goes where and what challenges there might be.  We will then pick a spot to start.
  • Your involvement: Clients have to be involved in the organizing process for any lasting change to occur, but your level of involvement can vary based on whatever is going on.  Maybe you will work with us side by side, or maybe you need to tend to the kids and just pop in for the critical decision points as needed.  It's all good!
  • What we do: Much of our session involves sorting and assessing the contents of the area we are working on.  For example, in a coat closet, we may find that there are coats and shoes and hats and sports gear and cleaning products and... any number of other things!  By grouping these items together, you will be able to determine whether 1. they are things you need and 2. whether they should be stored in that location.  We will help you to purge the things you don't need (donating or disposing) and then rearranging for easier access.  It sounds simple, but with our focused energy, neutral powers of observation, and years of experience, we will effect lasting change in your space!
  • Payment: We accept payments at the end of each session via credit card, check, or cash, and can also send invoices via paypal and venmo.
  • After the sesh: We will type up what to do next, including a list of any products that might be helpful for you and where to order them online. 
We're going to help you figure out what to do with that giant banana.  No, wait, that sounds like a dirty joke... Literally, we mean we will help you a home for for everything in your collection, even if it is a giant banana!

We're going to help you figure out what to do with that giant banana.  No, wait, that sounds like a dirty joke... Literally, we mean we will help you a home for for everything in your collection, even if it is a giant banana!

Our process is different than some of our organizing colleagues out there, so we want to highlight a couple of key points:

  • No initial consult or estimate required: We are happy to talk to you by email or on the phone about your particular situation, and give you a sense for what can be accomplished. However, we do not do in person consults or provide written estimates in advance.  This is for a particular reason: efficiency! Estimates are inevitably inaccurate as there are details of everyone's situation that make things go more or less quickly but which are virtually impossible to determine prior to actually starting the work.  So we jump right in and work hard to get things done for you in an efficient manner. 
  • Transparent pricing: We put our pricing on our website so you know what to expect and how our work can fit into your budget.  We only charge for the time actually worked in your home or on pre-approved errands.  We also do this so you can contact us with any questions without being worried about getting a hard sell!  Our rates are what they are, and we try to keep it simple.
  • We don't buy stuff in advance: We don't come to your place with any pre-bought storage solutions.  Sure, we have our Mary Poppins bags of organizing tools that we employ in our work, but when it comes to storage solutions for your space we want to make sure that you get what exactly you need. Often times, we can repurpose what you already have.  If not, we will provide you with suggestions and online purchase options so you can buy what you need efficiently and cheaply.

Sound good? Got questions? Please contact us.