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Selling or Donating the Random Things

It's nice to know that your donations are going to good use.  Here are some places to donate or sell specific items.

Wedding Dresses

What to do with this ol' thing?

What to do with this ol' thing?

There are some great charities that accept wedding dresses, either to donate to brides in need, repurpose, or resell and use the proceeds for charity.  Some have time restrictions as they are looking for contemporary options. (a good option with no time restrictions!) (a great local option!) (within five years) (after 2005) (within five years) (within 7 years) (site may be down)

What if you want to sell your dress?  You can try:


If fur items are no longer working for you, there are a few charities that will make good use of them.

Born Free 

PETA (to comfort animals or clothe the homeless)

Coats for Cubs (holds an annual drive with local drop off points)

Books & Prints

First check to see if your books are worth the effort at or

If so, look for local book dealers on or sell online at or

For bibles, take a look at this appraisal site.

As many Bibles are in print, only the most rare are worth selling, so consider donating to one of the sites listed here

For prints, try: or

Gifts from Former Flames

Want to sell something from your ex?  Try  Just want it gone? Post it on to help raise money for non-profits.



Local to the DMV, try a well-reviewed coin dealer like this: