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Organizing is a Means to an End

While there is a certain satisfaction in seeing something perfectly organized, we must always remember that organization is a means to an end.  By minimizing our stress and distractedness, and reducing the busywork that stems from clutter, organization helps us shape our living environment to allow us to live the lives we want. 

There are a few books out there to help us identify what kind of lives these may be.  One of my favorites is Debra Ollivier’s Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl.  In it, she suggests we Americans relax our Puritan heritage and make time to enjoy the simple things in life, like eating a good meal with friends.  Though rife with generalizations about the prototypical “French girl”, this book provides a touchstone for me to focus on what’s really important and inspiration for thinking about design as an essential, life affirming aspect of everyone’s lives (with no Puritanical concerns about indulgence.)

Ahhh... a nice place to read...

Ahhh... a nice place to read...