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Vital Organizing: Something everybody needs. Home and office organizing based in Washington, D.C. Economical, customized, small space solutions and one-on-one organization services.

No, I am not Martha - and that's good news!

Many clients have asked me, “So is your home organized to perfection?”  

To answer the question once and for all, no it’s not!  My house is as organized and functional as I need it to be for my own sanity and aesthetic enjoyment, and no more.

This is for you, dear clients.

This is for you, dear clients.

For you see, I am not Martha.  My proclivity for organization and efficiency was forged by my own focused determination to be successful in school and in my career.  Growing up in a beautiful but small NYC apartment and attending a challenging high school, I compensated for my naturally distracted and disorganized (it's true!) tendencies by creating an organized space and task management systems.  This is a real picture of me in 7th grade, before I got my act together. 

Fast forward ten years, after I work really hard to be successful in school and my career, and I have locked down the ways to set up systems to overcome my tendency to drop my keys in a random place each day.  I am happy to help you learn to forge your own solutions.  

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