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A case of too much travel....

This closet was suffering from lack of structure and too much travel. It had gotten overwhelmed.

We did a quick and thorough konmari'ing. We pulled the clothes out that were in a heap and proceeded to determine which of them brought the client joy. Those that did not were donated.


In less than three hours, we purged four bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories. We then put the items back into the closet according to broad category - sleeveless tops, long sleeve tops, skirts, pants, dresses, special occasion. Clothes and shoes that needed repair were put in bags to go out of the house. We made sure travel items were together and easily accessible. Then we prepped the closet for further enhancing with a tap light (like this) and some additional drawers.  It is now looking ship shape!

All in all, a great, fast improvement that should provide structure for a long time to come.